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In the early hours of Christmas Day 1974, Tropical Cyclone Tracy struck Darwin with devastating high winds and torrential rainfall causing massive destruction of buildings and services and a death toll of 65.

As part of the reconstruction project "Tracy Village" was established on a large RAAF base on the outskirts of Darwin to provide housing and support amenities for the workers who came here from many parts of Australia to help rebuild Darwin. Tracy Village Social Club was founded in 1975 to provide a club room for those workers (predominantly young single men) and Darwin residents.

Over the ensuring years the Club became affiliated with eight sporting Clubs and added "Sports" to its name. Sporting fields, a Bistro and Games room were built to provide current members with the dining, entertainment, outdoor and indoor sports and gaming facilities they now continue to enjoy.

The Club has a large growing membership and welcomes bona-fide guests from every part of Australia. We are proud to be recognised as Darwin's premier friendly social, sports and family orientated club.

Due to the boyant NT economy, high population growth and the development of the DHA suburbs of Lyons and Muirhead, the Club has embarked on an ambitious program to develop facilities over the next decade to become the largest and best Social and Sports Club of its type in the Territory. Check out the progress of the building project in the Development News section.

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